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Herne Bay

Herne Bay, December 2019

‘... what’s it like to be a Wili, to show the power that a group of people can have over one person, and how does it make that one person feel?’

We were curious to discover how the story of Giselle might be read by young people.

We developed workshops and discussion templates and spent time visiting Herne Bay High School in 2019.

Choreographer-teacher Chloe Challis and the pupils of Herne Bay High then created their own dance responding to Glitch workshops and a visit to see Dada Masilo's Giselle.

However, as would be expected, the dancers have made the project their own.

IMG 8721

We are so excited by their work, we feel that the Herne Bay Card thanks to the girls and young women of Herne Bay High School led by Chloe Challis, signifies the ability to commit, to focus and to change your own reality through an act of imagination and tenacity.